Take Time to Look Down

Just a slight look down on the ground and you can find amazing things. In a place where everyone looks down as they pass one another you mines well take some time to open your eyes while they are down there.

It is a great practice because it’s a source of self reflection. While you look down you can think about why you choose not to look up and I mean hold your head up while you do it. It’s a circular thought process.

Also be aware this cannot take place while you are on your phone and possibly going to walk into a pole. The world and its wonders appear to those people who just take a glimpse, a glance, a look apart of themselves.

So here is today’s story. Yes this opening directly reflects what occurred this morning. A glimpse into beauty and death. So I was already running late to work and took a new short cut path which is amazing and I also parked in a different  floor lot. Upon trotting down the stairs I came upon this dead butterfly.


Found as I was walking down the second flight. I stopped and thought hard about wether or not I should pick it up or let nature take its process.

Also to my convenience a janitor was sweeping on the side of the stairs. This made my decision to pick up the butterfly even easier. I said Goodmorning and asked for a glove. He did much more than that he picked up the butterfly for me and blew off all of the ants gently!!

My day was even better. Very happy I didn’t have to deal with all the bugs. Thank you janitor from Universal Building Management at the Watergate complex!


Now of course I still had to get to work. As  I walked in, the environment became a show and tell. I am an opener it was not too busy and only two coworkers on but I shared with them the butterfly.



We took just one minute to contemplate the design and pattern on the butterfly. A mouth, some teeth. The beauty in the art of the butterfly. How it looks like the design was divinely painted onto the wing.

The underbelly of the fly looked completely sketched on as well. We came up with a simple name for the creature “Y.” Then created a boxed folder to put it in for the rest of the day.


Why did the butterfly die? What happened? Do you think I should have removed it from its demise?

So many people exit the same way from the garage and no one stopped to do anything for it. I hope at least they decided to take a glance.

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