Have you heard of ANALYSIS-PARALYSIS — *gasp* OMG yes it exists. It’s this crazy loop that happens when you get super caught up researching, dreaming, evaluating and worst of all not ACTING. Not acting as in film, but that is great to- another dream- another life.

Anyways it is when you don’t pull the trigger. No! do not shoot anyone. I mean its when you do not act on the information you have been researching and developing. It is when you get so caught up wondering if you have the best idea that you let this passion or idea fizzle out without ever developing it for everyone.

I do this a lot, I overanalyze me, and what I want to do in the world. Yet I populate almost a million ideas per year, like some of them are bad but others not so much.

Baseline; take action, just do it. Especially if it is good.

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