Who is Erdavria?

Erdavria Rose Simpson, 25, and awesome.

Jack of All trades and master of some– more on this later–

First off congratulations if you got Erdavria Who? It is a Doctor Who reference!!! OMG YASSS I am a Whovian.  Email me if the 10th and 11th Doctors are your favorite– we have some special bonding to do.

I am a Queen – (Knings, Warrior, Lover, Magician), I am an Expressive -(the four styles), moderate type A and very much an even split between EISNTF and J thanks to my mom.

Why do you care and why does this matter.  Know thyself. Work with people who know who they are and own it. Even when in a mode of consistent development (as I find myself) Always learning and always figuring out what I want to do. All the smart people (me, etc.,  you 😉 are into this growth mindset. Keeps my life fluid and highly entertaining.

The world outside of me is only a reflection of the world inside of me. Not to be confused with the world revolving around me. Nope, it’s perception. We are beings that see the world through our own lenses. We interpret behaviors of other people and situations from experience, beliefs, and values.

Anyways, Erdavria is very unique, you’ll see.  So many dreams goals and passions. must make happen…

My name is Erdavria Rose Simpson, I’m so happy you decided to visit my site. Life is a beautiful journey. I want to do so much with the time I have here and I’m not sure what that path is, but we can find that out together. Feel free to comment or contact me and follow me on social media where there is even more random stuff going on. I own this time in my life and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

See you later!



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